Battleship of Lake Como

Battleship of lake Como: 2 players (captains), years 7-99. Contents: 2 boards, 14 ships, 200 ‘shots’ (green and red markers), rules of the game.


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ISBN/EAN: 8059973430057

Year: 2013

Format: 31x22cm

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With Battleship of Lake Como, challenge your opponent in an epic last-shot fight.

Rules of the game

2 players (captains), years 7-99


2 boards, 14 ships, 200 ‘shots’ (green and red markers), rules of the game.


Be the first to sink all the opponent’s ships.


Each player places his/her ships on the grid called MY FLEET. Each ship must be placed either horizontally or vertically on the grid. Ships can not touch each other.


Players take turns firing a shot to attack enemy ships. 

The first Player (Captain 1) ‘fires a shot’ by calling out a space on the board called MY RADAR. The space is called out by naming a village and a number of a row and a column on the grid, for instance: TORNO 3. 

Captain 2 checks that space on the grid called MY FLEET, and says ‘miss’ if there are no ships there, or ‘hit’ if Captain 1 guessed a space that contained a ship. Captain 1 marks his shots on the grid called MY RADAR with green markers for misses and red markers for hits, to keep track of his/her guesses.

If Captain 1 guessed a space that contained a ship, Captain 2 puts a red marker into that ship on the grid called MY FLEET at the location of the hit. Whenever one of the ships has every slot filled with red markers the Captain that has the ship on its MY FLEET grid has to announce his/her opponent that the ship has been sunk. The first Captain that sinks all opposing ships wins.