Giorgio Bizzotto, Alessandro Dominioni

Lake Como. Photo book


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ISBN/EAN: 978-88-98911-40-0

Year: 2019

Format: 30x21cm

Nr. pages: 128


Lake Como “Keep dreaming”  photo book: 110 splendid photographs selected by Giorgio Bizzotto and Alessandro Dominioni to continue to dream of the wonders that Lake Como offers us from home.

Coffee table book of Lake Como

Thus it would be defined by the English and Americans: this is in fact an album format book to keep on the table in the room to entertain guests with the atmosphere of Lake Como, thanks to photographs printed on a full page, or even on a double page.

This book is born from love for the land and from living it daily.

Photographers have added to the classic landscapes of Lake Como even more refined and particular views: from the motorboat, from the seaplane, from the drone, from the mountain peaks – with different lights and colors.

The authors Bizzotto and Dominioni thus tell their project:

How the idea of ​​the Lake Como photo book was born. Keep dreaming?

Our intent was to offer the visitor, once back home, the chance to try again the same emotions that surely felt when living on Lake Como. For this reason the subtitle of the book is “Keep dreaming – keep dreaming”. Together with some friends we chose those images that excited us too.

What is the difference between the other photo books dedicated to our territory?

We realized that a book was missing that was available in a middle range between the classic tourist guides and the large photographic volumes; we therefore realized it by focusing on the quality of both the photographs and the graphic aspect: format, paper, binding, managing to maintain a very competitive price.

Did you have trouble making it?

The biggest difficulty was to give a complete and homogeneous overview of the territory, we hope to have succeeded.

What message do you want to convey with this book?

The beauty of our lake, in all its seasons, its colors, its atmospheres, its villages and small villages, its tranquility.

What was the fun part?

Surely being together while sharing commitment and joy.