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Who we are

We are a publishing company specialising in books, games, souvenirs from the Como, Lario, Lecco, Brianza and Ticino areas. We value the area with books of different nature: novels, essays and guides.

Our mission is to let people – both to those who live here and to tourists – know about this region so rich in history, culture, tradition and natural beauty to learn to love it.

We design educational games to bring even young people closer to the territory. We believe in the importance of dialogue between old and new generations, convinced that the wealth of experience of one can be mixed with the enthusiasm of others.

Our publications are an invitation to explore in depth culture and nature of what is around us and to which we may not give the right importance.

Our catalogue: passion for this territory

In addition to local history essays you can find books in dialect – which through this language tell us about folkloristic customs and traditions – novels set in these areas, guides, maps and canned games. Over the years we have selected and created a series of vintage images, creating excellent products both as a souvenir and as pieces of furniture. This year our line has expanded with clothing: t-shirts and bags.

What we can do for you

Do you have a shop and would like to dedicate a section to local products? We can help you create it.

Link the territory to your brand

We offer customisation services for companies and individuals who want to give gifts by honouring their territory.

If you love to write

We are always looking for new authors who have a connection with this land. So, if you have written a book or have a project, contact us.

In short: our story

Our library was born in 1984, when the owner Alessandro Dominioni, as a collector of ancient books became a bookseller and made his passion a profession, offering old books and prints.

At the beginning of the 1990s we began to publish hard to find books of local interest in anastatic editions.

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to continue to create oneself without end.

Henri Bergson (Filosofo, 1859-1941)
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